Cultural Materials is a collectively owned and independently operated clearing house for high-quality, well-curated, short-run goods, events, and experiences. Rooted in a fluid definition of "art," and shackled to no single industry, medium, or genre, Cultural Materials produces work across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Projects have or will include(d), but are by no means limited to: monographs, literature, phonographs, cinema, canvases, lithographs, screenprints, (maga)zines, interviews, furniture, clothing, concerts, prix fixe meals in far-flung locales, once-in-a-lifetime expeditions to little-known destinations, chance encounters, facing your fears, true grit, serendipity, etcetera, ad astra, ad nauseam, ad infinitum. In an age which has come to prioritize ubiquity, homogeneity, and mass (digital) proliferation, Cultural Materials champions instead the handcrafted physical artifact, the limited-edition experience, and the one-off opus. 


Projects are produced on both a commission and blind submission basis. All inquiries, submissions, and proposals should be addressed to:

Cultural Materials
207 Whiting Street Unit C
El Segundo, CA 90245



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